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SEO mistakes you should fix right now

To error is human to forgive is divine but there are some mistakes that are no impossible but very difficult to reverse. Such is the case in the online world. Some mistakes that you might have committed unintentionally can result in a loss for your website. Companies tap into the online world and try hard to attract a great line of customers, and come up with doing themselves or hiring a SEO company to stay on the top of the search result pages. To stay in the top three rankings, there are certain points every webmaster must consider whether you are doing it yourself or hiring any company. Actually, there are some vital points need to be considered while making yourself available online in search results otherwise your website may bury forever.

  1. Overlooking the Importance of responsiveness: People are getting busier day by day, and mobile phones become inseparable, therefore want to access everything on the go on their mobile phones, ipads, etc. instead of waiting to reach at the destination and logging in the desktop. When you want to reach to the maximum targeted customers, better make your website mobile-friendly, in other words responsive. If you are not yet responsive it’s high time to do that. Without this your business will lag behind, you will remain where you are at present and your competitors will be one step ahead of you.
  2. Poor quality or duplicate content: you found compelling content on one of your competitors’ sites and thinking to have on your site too, think twice. You can on the verge of being penalized by Google or may your website be buried under tens of thousands of other sites. Therefore not being aware of the content on your site is original or duplicate can be perilous and is a blunder that pushes your website down the list of SEO.
  1. Selection of Wong keywords: keywords are the medium to invite visitors on your site. Keywords are the terms with which people try to search for you. So the content on the website should be keyword rich but not stuffed. If stuffed deliberately, you are going against Google’s policy and can be penalized, and if your content is not keyword rich nobody can find you.
  1. Unqualified SEO services
    Creating a website takes a lot of effort and being on the top rank also demands constant efforts in the right direction. So it is obvious that would like to hire professionals SEO services. Some of the agencies claims to take you on the top rank within  a few weeks that reflects they are going adopt black hat SEO or short cut that cannot be long lasting and may cause problems sooner or later. Such grey strategies are recognized by Google and you will be thrown out from the SERP for nowhere to be found. Always give your site in the hands of a trusted professional SEO company which believes in only white hat SEO techniques.
  1. Invalid 404 Page not found Error or Dead links
    Sometimes while searching for specific information or a page we encounter that page does not exist or page not found. Such pages are a stigma for the whole website and spoil the user experience. It will also results in low traffic means less business.  Due to these dead or broken links can lead to a penalize website by Google.
  1. Duplicate title tags and meta descriptions: websites with the same page titles on many can seriously harm the ranking of your website ,and you should know that the title tag is one of the most important on-page SEO factors. Page titles should be unique so that crawler can index it correctly. Meta description should also be persuasive and descriptive as possible but within 160 character.

Is there any or all mistake mentioned above seems present on your website? SO what steps are you going take to fix them? Better yet, consider hiring a professional SEO Company to evaluate your website today that will provide you with the ethical SEO techniques.